Digital Service Intelligence

Organisations understand the need to develop Digital capabilities and recognise that this is essential for them to remain competitive and efficient in the face of continually changing situations.

An important part of an organisation’s Digital capabilities is its Digital Intelligence.

The concept of Digital Intelligence includes technical, cognitive and socio-emotional capabilities, that an organisation must develop if it is to increase its digital maturity.

Digital maturity is often described as having three levels:

  1. Digital Citizenship: the ability to use digital technology in safe, effective and responsible ways.
  2. Digital Creativity: the ability to become part of the digital ecosystem and to create new knowledge, technologies and content to turn ideas into reality.
  3. Digital Competitiveness: the ability to solve challenges, and to create new opportunities in the digital economy by driving innovation, growth and value.

Digital Intelligence enables organisations to meet four challenges of modern businesses:

  • Engagement Experience – for both Customers & Employees
  • Speed – to deliver services, solutions and to react to change
  • Cost – how to deliver better services with fewer resources
  • Control – understanding your business and ensuring you achieve the outcomes and benefits you need

Fresh Tracks understands what organisations need in order to build Digital Intelligence and maturity.

We take a holistic ‘Enterprise Service Management’ (ESM) perspective. Focusing on the end-toend value streams of your organisation – not just individual capabilities or teams. This allows us to improve the integration and efficiency of your services, processes and workflows.

Our approach to ESM builds on automation and user engagement capabilities being delivered by ServiceNow (and other market leaders) and focuses on five areas:

  • Enterprise Service Channels – one path for all your customers or employees to engage with you, regardless of what is needed
  • Catalogued Services –a detailed understanding of what services your customers and employees can access and how they are to be delivered
  • Integrated Processes – eradicating silos and building efficiency to deliver better outcomes
  • Data & Analytics – using data and information to identify opportunity and enable success
  • Service Automation / Robotic Process Automation (RPA) – choosing the right approaches and technologies to drive cost and waste from your business

Our Digital Intelligence Services include:

  • ServiceNow solution design & implementation
  • Service automation assessments / cost/benefit analysis