We provide services across the following practices:

SIAM®, ITSM and Agile Service Management
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Agile CSI (Continual Service Improvement)
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Digital Service Intelligence
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Digital Strategy
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Do any of the following statements apply to your Organisation?

  • ITSM reviews and best practice frameworks seem cumbersome and academic, whilst you have a need to actually improve end-user-satisfaction, availability of services, performance controls and establish a pragmatic IT team that is effective and seems to generate a customer focused vibe and genuine enablement of your (digital) business requirements.
  • You’re working with multiple service providers / vendors. People portray SIAM and service management platforms as the silver bullet, but no-one seems to be able to pragmatically explain how this will actually address your requirements and return on investment.
  • You are struggling to Improve your End User satisfaction rating
  • You want to improve the availability of your IT services but aren’t making the progress you need
  • The relationship between IT and the business is patchy and IT is not a systemic part of decision makingThere are too many goverance boards, terms, processes and roles and it seems hard to see the wood for the trees in your IT Operating model and ICT Governance.
  • Every meeting is called a ‘standup’, the walls in your offices are covered in post-it notes and terms like ‘agile’, ‘lean’, ‘DevOps’, ‘Continual Service Improvement’ and ’Value Stream Management’ are frequently used to indicate that your projects and releases will be better, faster and cheaper. However, actual outcomes don’t seem to be significantly more agile and/or of better quality.
  • There are too many financial surprises and operational IT cost challenges with too many teams competing and duplicating activities without alignment of objectives and resources.
  • There are too many financial surprises and too many incidents that require tactical ‘firefighting’
  • There is no clear strategy to address gaps between what the business needs and requires of its IT and your current capability
  • The asset portfolio is aging or subject to technology obsolescence. There is no process for evaluating which investments are important now.
  • There is no single, correct source of information about what you have and how It Is configured.

If so, we can help.

Imagine your business people being able to access their IT services simply and efficiently, your business clients come to you to help them with their strategy and your IT estate Is understood and financially efficient.

At Fresh Tracks, our services are designed to help you optimise the performance of the IT capabilities that underpin your Digital environment, get the best return on your IT Investment, and to help you move to the future of Digital enablement by IT Services.

Explore how our services can help you achieve your Digital goals.

Services we offer include:

Current state assessments
Accreditation and bespoke training
Target state operating model design
Process design and tool alignment
Transformation planning and management
Transformation assurance
Coaching and facilitation of business simulation
Business Value Consulting


Fresh Tracks is an Accredited Training Organisation with the DevOps Institute (DOI), Gamingworks and EXIN.

Our consultants hold a wide range of accreditations, including:

  • ITIL® Master (one of only three in Australia)
  • DevOps leader,  SIAM® PRINCE2®, PRINCE2 Agile®, P3O®and MSP®

ITIL®, PRINCE2®, PRINCE2 Agile®, P3O®and MSP®are (registered) Trade Marks of AXELOS Limited. All rights reserved.