About Us

Our story

Fresh Tracks Is a consulting company with a difference. We created the company based on a shared passion for breaking fresh ground and making things real:

  • Breaking fresh ground – At Fresh Tracks we want to be creative with you. Taking our combined experience and knowledge to build something better for your business.
  • Making things real – Our intention is not to just talk, but also to walk the ‘best practice’ talk and bring digital transformation to life.

At Fresh Tracks we embrace the uncertainty of unchartered territory, we are adventurous, but capable in our collaborative journey to break fresh ground.

Our Philosophy


With our people and our customers

Make it real

Best practice combined with real world expertise

Do what we promise

Be straightforward and straight talking

Have a vision

Share a future for our customers' digital business that’s bigger than just an assignment

Have fun

People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing "Dale Carnegie"

Our approach

At Fresh Tracks, we understand that not all customers are the same. You have different priorities, capabilities and needs and we recognise that we must adapt our methods to those needs

We have a flexible and agile approach to how we help you change your business. We will work with you to:


Where you need a significant step change in the way your IT business operates - to meet an emerging challenge in the market, or to meet the changing Government regulations and requirements.

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The significant investment needed for transformation activities is not the only way to change. Our evolution approach takes your existing capability and working alongside your organisation drives capability improvement while minimising disruption to operations.

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We know that the people who know most about your business are the people who run your business. We can help advise and counsel your people to improve and adapt skills to augment their existing business knowledge.

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